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A dynamic company delivering Total IT solutions to the Small and Medium Enterprise business arena. We focus on Client Relationship above everything else and deliver a tailored and personalised service excellence.


28 Years Experience

With over 28 years experience in the IT industry, our staff is well equipped to deal with every facet of the broader IT spectrum. Our differentiating factor lies in our competence and commitment to resolving any IT issues with utmost reliability and loyalty to our Clients.


Click CRM's Products

Our GoldMine Contracts

Keep your GoldMine CRM running at optimum performance by signing contracts for Support, SLA and Annual Maintenance


GoldMine Maintenance Contract

The GoldMine Annual Maintenance Contract will give you access to the latest releases of the GoldMine Software, Support and access to additional licenses, keeping your GoldMine CRM running smoothly and efficiently.


GoldMine Annual Support Contract

With an option of a monthly or an annual contract, ClickCRM will provide 24 free remote support sessions, unlimited telephonic support sessions and discounted prices on on-site and remote support sessions (When the free sessions have been exhausted).


GoldMine SLA Contract

With a vast selection of contracts to choose from, We aim to provide you with services tailor made for your business. Please scroll down to see the various Service Level Agreements we Offer.

Our Service Level Agreement Contracts

Contact Us if you are interested in siging up.

R 1180 /mo
  • Maintenance of Databases
  • Monitoring of Logs
  • Cleaning of Logs
  • Reindexing of Databases
  • Rebuilding of Databases
R 1770 /mo
  • Telephonic Support
  • Maintenance of Databases
  • Reindexing of Databases
  • Postal Code Updates
  • Services included in BRONZE
R 3540 /mo
  • Minor Customizations
  • Reindexing of Databases
  • Rebuilding of Databases
  • Database Maintenance
  • Services included in SILVER
R 7080 /mo
  • Major Customisations
  • Training of Additional Users
  • Consulting & Advising
  • Database Maintenance
  • Services included in GOLD