CLet's get into the Cloud!

Cloud-based system use on all mobile devices, tablets, smart phones as well as PCs and Macs, no install required.

  • Customer and Contact Management
  • Activity and Diary Management
  • Opportunity Tracking (Managing the Sales Pipeline)
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Manage your Territories with Cyclical Plannin
  • Quotes Automation

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    The Companies and Contacts databases stores and manages all your customers and prospects. Companies can be segmented into types, industries, areas and groups. User defined fields allow you to customize the system for your business. Any number of contact people can be stored per customer. Your customers can be allocated to your branches and sales staff within branches.



    Schedule your customer and prospect follow-ups using the Activity Management function. The system manages daily, weekly and monthly views of each sales person’s diary.



    Use the Opportunity Tracking functions to manage new business acquisition.

  • Define your own sales process for tracking the progress of your sales pipeline.
  • The system generates a new business forecast based on expected order dates and sales probability percentages.
  • Each sales person can view his pipeline visually on his homepage. Additional graphing on the sales person’s dashboard details progress against target.
  • Upload and link your tender or quote documents to each opportunity.
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    Performance Dashboard

    This page presents a visual summary of the sales person’s sales environment. The recent opportunities, activities, contacts and companies are displayed. A graphical “funnel” representation of your sales pipeline is represented. New leads flowing into the system are also visible.


    Manage your Territories with Cyclical Planning

    The BluWave crm Cycle Planner feature allows all BluWave CRM users to create recurring activities for e.g. cyclical telephone calls and visits for customers and prospects. In addition, the cycles can be planned using routes and areas so as to minimise the sales person’s travel time across his territory.


    Quotes Automation

    Use this function to generate customer quotations. This function is a great productivity booster for a sales person as it achieves 4 processes from one input.

  • Select the items to be quoted and then generate a .PDF quotation document – this can be emailed or printed for the customer. It can also be cc’ed to managers.
  • At the same time as you prepare the quote, the system automatically posts this opportunity into your opportunity pipeline and
  • Thirdly, generates a quote follow-up activity for the sales person in the activity management function.