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GoldMine Addons


Details Plus™ runs alongside GoldMine providing greater flexibility and configurability of the Details Tab. Details Plus allows the Info Tab fields to hold numeric or date or contact fields, and character fields of different lengths and provides the following additional features and benefits: More About Details Plus




Now, it's easy to access the full functionality of GoldMine® Corporate / Premium Edition from any web connection or from a local area network (LAN). With iGoldMine™ and iGoldMine™ Plus, web-based CRM solutions, you have real time access to all of your customer and prospects information. In addition, with iGoldMine you can also publish Microsoft® Word® over the Web rather than distributing it. iGoldMine Plus has all of the same functionality as iGoldMine, but can also publish 30 of your favorite applications over the Web.




It is the world's most extensive CRM companion product, written specifically for GoldMine hosted in dBase, MSSQL or Firebird. GoldBox debuted with its first sale on April 8th, 1993. It has sold more than 25,000 copies, and has garnered 3 awards from FrontRange Solutions.

EVERY GoldMine installation benefits from the power provided by GoldBox. It is in use at banks, universities, automobile dealerships, various businesses of any size - in short, anywhere GoldMine is implemented.




The Email Return Manager

BounceLinker is your full-featured tool for handling all return emails, whether they are bouncebacks, remove responses, product enquiries or a complete permission marketing campaign.

When an email is sent out with a bad address, the SMTP server mail administrator sends it back with the bad email address somewhere in the body of the message.



Discover Wireless CRM for GoldMine

The wMobile product enables users to have live wireless access to a GoldMine based CRM system from their handheld device. wMobile contains full contact management features enabling a user to review existing CRM information as well as to provide updates on the fly. wMobile delivers a complete real-time client for GoldMine® on your Mobile phone or desktop web browser.

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BEYOND THE "CLICK" - Interactive Email And Web Site Marketing

Take your email marketing campaigns to new levels. Leverage the benefits of using your CRM solution or any data file to send personalized email campaigns that interact with your audience and track instantly. IntelliClick® eTrack hyperlinks, which include one click "call to action" features, provide an interactive experience while they track, report and send alerts to your staff. Your organization can kick start its sales process from each email message and trigger future "drip marketing" campaigns.

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