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Bounce Linker

The Email Return Manager.

BounceLinker is your full-featured tool for handling all return emails, whether they are bouncebacks, remove responses, product enquiries or a complete permission marketing campaign.

When an email is sent out with a bad address, the SMTP server mail administrator sends it back with the bad email address somewhere in the body of the message.

Because the "From" address is the mail administrator and not the bad email address, GoldMine can't link it to the original contact.

Usually that means visually looking for the email address in the body and then searching GoldMine for it.

With BounceLinker, there is no need to search for email addresses in GoldMine. BounceLinker can do it all for you!

Don't forget: This is not just an administrative headache in GoldMine. Continuing to send email blasts to large numbers of contacts can bring your company to your SMTP server's attention. You could become flagged as a spammer and actually sued by your provider! With BounceLinker, there is no reason to send repeated emails to bad addresses and take that risk - clean it up instead and send smaller blasts with valid addresses.


  • Uses GoldMine email folders and email rules for processing
  • Matches email addresses found in bounceback emails to existing email addresses in GoldMine
  • Links the bounceback email and history records to the correct contact in GoldMine
  • Processes bounceback emails and remove/unsubscribe emails with different settings saved for each
  • Custom folders allow processing of any type of email (click here to learn more)

Advanced Processing Options:

  • Update any contact1 or contact2 field in GoldMine
  • Schedule a pending activity for any user in GoldMine
  • Attach a track
  • Add or remove an email merge code on matched emails
  • Add or remove contact merge codes for primary AND additional contacts
  • Delete bad email addresses, delete bounceback emails or delete bounceback history
  • Delete the entire matching contact record
  • Update history reference with bad email address
  • Update history activity codes and result codes
  • Save bad email addresses to a file

Other Settings:

  • Manually search in GoldMine for contacts BounceLinker can't find and then continue processing
  • Complete Permission Marketing Management with DNC Manager by Inaplex (click here to learn more)
  • Already configured to catch bouncebacks from many SMTP servers and easily customizable for new SMTP bounceback styles
  • Configuration Wizard for easy setup
  • Comprehensive help file
  • Runs in visual mode with summary statistics or Silent Mode without having to open GoldMine or prompt the user


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