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Discover Wireless CRM for GoldMine

The wMobile product enables users to have live wireless access to a GoldMine based CRM system from their handheld device. wMobile contains full contact management features enabling a user to review existing CRM information as well as to provide updates on the fly.wMobile delivers a complete real-time client for GoldMine® on your Mobile phone or desktop web browser.

Contact Management

wMobile provides your users with secure access to all contact information stored in GoldMine. It is quick and easy to find, edit and add contacts and related information.

Phone and Email Integration

wMobile interacts with your device allowing you to quickly phone and email contacts using the capabilities of the device. A complete email center allows all email with attachments to be linked to GoldMine CRM.

Maps, Directions and Proximity Search

wMobile displays your contacts location on a map, it generates turn-by-turn directions to the contact and shows which contacts are in close proximity to the contact. Proximity is available with GeoCoding option.

Sales Forecast and Opportunity Management

wMobile allows you to easily review, update and add sales forecasts or opportunities for any contact and for any time period.

Calendar and Activity Management

wMobile allows you to quickly review, update, add and complete activities with immediate update of your GoldMine database. You can schedule and review activities for other GoldMine team members on an intuitive graphical calendar.

Dashboard Reporting

Quickly review key statistics from the GoldMine system. A dashboard displays information such as the number of completed activities and new contacts added to the database.  You can quickly jump to underlying detail information.

Easy Configuration

wMobile automatically inherits configuration from your GoldMine system. A designer application is included to allow additional changes to the wMobile user interface.

Remote Document Access

wMobile enables remote users to remotely retrieve any document stored on a central server and linked to GoldMine.  Documents can be sent to any contact via email.

Real Time Data

Information updated on a wMobile device is immediately applied to your GoldMine system without the need for data replication.

Cross Platform Support

wMobile supports all phone devices such as Blackberry® , Palm  Treo®, Windows Mobile® and iPhone®. wMobile supports all worldwide mobile phone carriers and systems with internet data service. wMobile supports desktop web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.



Please click on the below images If you would like to test drive the PC/Laptop interface


Login details as:

Username: Demo

password: Demo


Please click on one of the below images to test drive the wMobile.


  • To testdrive the pc/lapyop version click on laptop image.
  • To testdrive the mobile phone, click on the phone image.








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