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Google Insightly


Google Insightly

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Powerful email integration

At the core of Insightly is an awesome email management system. Because email is one of the most prolific methods of communication between you and your clients, it's important that data is managed and leveraged to maximum benefit. You can save any email to Insightly in just one click from within Gmail, giving you a full email conversation history between you and your client, all efficiently indexed and searchable

Automatic Address Book

Keeping your address book up to date is a chore, so Insightly adds new contacts and organisations automatically as emails are saved, even going off to the wider Internet to retrieve more information about contacts and organisations for their profiles - keeping your address book up to date without you having to lift a finger

Lightning Fast Search

Storing everything together is not much use if you can't find anything down the road. Because of this, Insightly includes world class real time search - as you type - across everything it stores. From files to emails, contacts, organisations, projects, and everything else, just start typing in the search box conveniently located at the top of every page and watch the results flow in.

Customer Relationship Management

Insightly is a great tool for the vital task of managing your contacts and related organisations, partners, vendors and suppliers. You can see everything about a contact on one page, from their complete email history, birthday and important dates, background, notes and tasks, and any projects or opportunities they have been a part of.

Track Opportunities

Insightly tracks each business opportunity so you know instantly which proposals are pending, or which deals you've won or lost, so you have great guidance on upcoming work in the pipeline. You can link contacts to deals and specify the role they play in winning the bid. Attach tasks, meetings, notes, and emails to opportunities so you can keep track of what was promised, when and for how much.

Delightfully simple permissions

Everything in Insightly was designed to be super easy to use, and permissions are no exception. Strong security around sensitive data is important, so Insightly allows you to lock down information from prying eyes.


Tags are a wonderfully simple invention that allows you to organise anything in Insightly around a keyword that makes sense to you. So for instance, if you wanted to organise your projects and opportunities by geographic location - like Asia, Europe, and the Americas - you can categorise each item by adding the appropriate tag for instant future listing and reference. Tags can be added to contacts, organisations, opportunities, projects, and emails

The Dashboard

Insightly allows you to track a lot of things, and the dashboard gives you a great overview of everything going on in your business right up to the minute. See tasks past due and those coming up in the future, new notes or comments just added, opportunities recently closed and projects milestones achieved. It's the place to go to catch up on all the recent happenings across everything going on in Insightly.

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