Dynamics 365 Dynamics Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing presents an innovative solution for creating personalized customer journeys by designing, predicting, and delivering content through optimal channels at the right moments.

In today's consumer landscape, achieving a consistent and seamless experience across diverse platforms is crucial. Dynamics 365 Marketing equips you with robust capabilities to orchestrate customer journeys, utilizing profound customer insights, understanding, and knowledge of preferences and behaviors. This empowers you to effortlessly monitor and manage journeys across both physical and digital touchpoints.

The marketing terrain has undergone significant transformations, demanding marketers to handle an increased number of channels, navigate the surge in social and mobile data, and demonstrate measurable results to establish the value of marketing initiatives.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass lead management, marketing automation, analytics, email marketing, lead scoring, segmentation, and extend to advanced marketing techniques.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys isn't just for marketers anymore. With AI and natural language input assistance, business users can build trigger-based journeys that reach customers across multiple touch-points, growing relationships from prospects, through sales and support. Customer Insights - Journeys enables organizations to:

Close more deals

Improve seller productivity with AI-powered opportunity scoring and automated data capture and task assistance—in the flow of work.


Meet customer needs in real time

Engage with customers in the right way—and at the right time—with AI-powered guidance and relationship insights.


Guide sales teams to success

Scale best practices and boost seller performance with automated sequences, insights, and data visualization.


Know your customer

Unify and enrich data with AI to create 360-degree customer profiles—and identify preferences and future opportunities.


Engage on their terms

Optimize journeys and deliver impactful content with AI-generated recommendations and real-time triggers.


Boost productivity and collaboration

Streamline work with Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365—turn simple language prompts into recommended content and insights.


When reaching out to your customers with Customer Insights - Journeys, there are three important things to consider: who, what, and when.

The who is your audience – who is this communication for? In Customer Insights - Journeys, your audience is defined by a segment. This is a subset of your contacts that meet some criteria. For example, you could have a segment containing customers over the age of 60 who live in North America, a segment for customers who earn more than $100,000 per year, or a blanket segment with all your active contacts.

The what is the content and form of your communication - what are you sending? In Customer Insights - Journeys, this can be an email, a push notification, or a text message. These channels can be used separately or together in one campaign.

The when can be as straightforward as a planned time when you want to send the communication, but with Customer Insights - Journeys, it can also be an event that triggers the communication as part of a journey. You can combine emails, push notifications, and text messages into journeys that can operate over either a segment of contacts at a planned time or that can respond to a trigger to reach customers in the moments that matter.

First Dynamics 365 app
R 30 226,00
per tenant/month
  • Deliver connected customer journeys and campaigns with unified customer data. Includes up to 4 environments, 100,000 Unified People1 and 10,000 Interacted People2.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights attach
R 17 780,00
per tenant/month
  • For organizations with a qualifying Dynamics 365 application3
  • Add connected customer journeys and campaigns with unified customer data to your qualified Microsoft stack. Includes up to 4 environments, 100,000 Unified People1 and 10,000 Interacted People2.