Dynamics Virtual Agent

The introduction of Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service represents an exciting advancement, granting customer support teams the ability to develop robust bots effortlessly through a user-friendly, no-code visual interface. This innovative solution, devoid of the necessity for data scientists or developers, is a testament to its accessibility and convenience.

Virtual Agent for Customer Service, leveraging the Microsoft Bot Framework, tackles prevalent challenges in bot development within the industry. It bridges the gap between subject matter experts and bot development teams, significantly reducing the time lag between issue recognition and bot updates by customer support teams. Furthermore, it simplifies the intricacies of conversational AI and obviates the need for intricate coding, thus streamlining the development process. Additionally, it lessens the IT burden associated with deploying and maintaining a tailored conversational solution.

Empower customer service teams

Enable customer service teams to construct bots independently, bypassing intermediaries and the necessity for coding or AI proficiency.


Reduce costs

Cut down on costs by automating routine support inquiries effortlessly, enabling human agents to focus on more intricate matters.


Improve customer satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing customers with the ability to self-assist and swiftly resolve issues round the clock through personalized and engaging bot interactions.


Get started in seconds.

irtual Agent for Customer Service operates as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, enabling swift sign-up, bot creation, and seamless integration into your website with minimal effort. With just a few clicks, you can embark on this process without the hassle of managing infrastructure or deploying intricate systems.


Empower your subject matter experts.

By leveraging Virtual Agent for Customer Service, your customer service teams take control. Subject matter experts can swiftly and effortlessly craft bots using an intuitive, code-free graphical interface, eliminating the necessity for AI proficiency or extensive developer teams.


Enable rich, natural conversations.

Utilizing Microsoft's robust conversational AI capabilities facilitates engaging multi-turn dialogues for your end users, swiftly directing them towards optimal solutions. Moreover, unlike many offerings in the market, there's no requirement to retrain AI models.

Chat Add-in
R 1 066,80
per user/month
  • Live chat omnichannel engagement between customers and agents
  • Requires Enterprise licence