Dynamics 365 Power Automate

Power Automate is a single intelligent automation platform that is designed for coders and non-coders alike. It optimizes business processes and workflows at scale with an easy-to-use interface for coders and non-coders alike.

With Power Automate, you can streamline how you work, standardize processes, and reduce human errors. Rest assured knowing that your workflow automations are more secure and compliant across your organization with built-in governance and data loss prevention policies with native integration through Azure AD and more.


Optimize processes and uncover business automation opportunities with task and process mining.



Automate across nearly unlimited systems, desktop apps, and websites with AI and digital and robotic process automation.



Confidently scale automation across your organization with built-in security, governance, and 360-degree monitoring.


AI Authoring

Create, edit, and extend process automation faster using natural language with Copilot in Power Automate.


AI Insights

Uncover optimization and automation opportunities faster with AI recommendations.


AI Processing

Apply leading built-in AI models to intelligently automate repetitive work on documents and more.


Desktop automation

Use robotic process automation (RPA) to automate legacy systems with prebuilt or custom user-interface actions.


Bot deployment with AI

Use the copilot experience in Power Automate for desktop to accelerate development.


Attend and unattended RPA

Run automation with human interaction or autonomously in the background.


Automation in the cloud

Use digital process automation (DPA) to automate apps, data, and services running in the cloud or on premises.


Customized building

Start from scratch, use a prebuilt template, or engage the copilot to automate tasks and processes.


API connectors

Choose from more than 1,000 API connectors or create your own custom API connector.


Transparencey into work

Define and measure the business challenges of the process you want to analyze or improve.


Prebuilt templates

Choose from several built-in templates for rapid deployment, from data ingestion to predefined custom reports.


Opportunity identification

Uncover ways to optimize business processes and automation with data-driven prioritization and AI guidance.


Confident deployment

Stay in control with 360-degree live monitoring, centralized governance, elastic scaling, and more.


Reliable automation

Take advantage of superior exception handling, work queues, and the Center of Excellence copilot experience.


Admin at scale

Use Managed Environments, data loss prevention, and more to help keep your data secure.

Power Automate Premium
R 266,70
per user/month
  • Enables licensed users to automate modern applications via API-based digital process automation (cloud flows) and legacy applications via UI-based robotic process automation (desktop flows) in attended mode.
  • Unlimited cloud flows (DPA) and desktop flows (RPA) in attended mode
  • 50 MB Power Automate Process Mining data storage
  • 5,000 AI Builder credits
  • Dataverse entitlements of 250 MB database and 2 GB file
Power Automate
R 2 667,00
  • License a bot that can be used for unattended desktop flows or cloud flows that can be accessed by unlimited users in the organization.
  • Cloud flows (DPA)
  • Desktop flows (RPA) in unattended mode
  • Dataverse entitlements of 50 MB database and 200 MB file

Hosted RPA
R 3 822,70
per bot/month
  • Run robotic process automation (RPA) as a service with hosted machine options.
  • Microsoft hosted machine
  • Desktop flows (RPA) in unattended mode
  • 5,000 AI Builder service credits per month
  • Available as an add-on for:
    Power Automate Premium
AI Builder
R 8 890,00
per unit/month
  • Infuse AI into your flows with custom or prebuilt models.
  • AI Builder
  • Available as an add-on for:
    Existing Power Automate, Power Apps, or Dynamics 365 paid subscription plans

Process Mining
R 88 900,00
per tenant/month
  • Discover, visualise and analyse processes to identify opportunities to improve and optimise
  • 100 GB process mining data storage
  • 2 GB Dataverse database capacity
  • 1 TB Dataverse file capacity
  • Available as an add-on for:
    Power Automate Premium