All-in-One Business Management Software

We know you’re using dozens of different apps to get work done. And the shuffling and fragmentation are killing your team’s productivity. Finally, you can manage it all from a single place.

  • Project Management
  • Work Management
  • Sales & CRM
  • Finances
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Integrations

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    The first real-time Gantt chart

  • In addition to visual project planning, track real-time progress, tasks, dependencies, events, and more in a holistic, always up-to-date view.
  • Adapt quickly and see the impact logged hours, unexpected changes, or delays have on your planned timeline and resource availability.
  • Minimize manual updates and avoid double-bookings, as any changes automatically reflect on your team’s actual capacity.
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    Get a 360-overview from start to finish

  • Keep up with the details of each project, such as planned and past activities, time spent and billed, income and expenses, and more – all in one view.
  • Track project profitability in real time, including quoted vs actual results, labor cost, and incidental expenses.
  • Compare project budgets to actual results, forecast accurately, and make sure your margins are on target.
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    Automate routine tasks

  • Eliminate the repetitive parts of project management with the help of project templates and task bundles.
  • Turn quotes into projects, tasks, and invoices within seconds – or turn billable time into an invoice directly from the project view.
  • Keep an eye on your project’s health with Scoro’s dynamic reports, without spending hours on manual reporting.
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    One holistic toolset to simplify time management

  • Deliver assignments on time using the tools you like – including calendars, task lists, timesheets and built-in time tracker. All seamlessly interlinked.
  • Manage your team’s workload efficiently by using customizable task bundles, a drag-and-drop Planner and Kanban task board.
  • Monitor billable and non-billable hours with ease and see how your team is performing, in real time.
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    Bring structure to your team’s work

  • Use the Task matrix to plan and stay up to date on team-wide priorities and goals.
  • Define your team’s working hours, avoid under- and overbookings, and schedule your team’s work based on real-time availability.
  • Review current and future capacity, and get invaluable insights into any aspect of your team’s work with dynamically compiled reports.
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    Streamline your workflow

  • Keep everything you need to get work done in one place. Say goodbye to the chaos of having data scattered around multiple applications, worksheets and emails.
  • Turn quotes into projects and tasks, and assign them to your team members in just a few clicks.
  • Once the work is done, generate an invoice directly from the project view, detailed work report or the original quote.
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    Your customers, just a click away

  • Get a 360-degree overview of each customer on one page – including contact details, communication history, projects, files, quotes, and invoices.
  • Track your opportunities and deals in real time. Get a visual overview of your sales funnel and customize statuses to match your sales process.
  • Compile quotes and invoices as personalized PDFs in just a few clicks.
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    Supercharge your sales process

  • Standardize and simplify quoting using client profiles, standard quotes, and custom multi-currency rate cards.
  • Forecast future sales using probability, weighted values and estimated closing dates to instantly see if you’re on track to meet your goals for the coming months.
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    Track sales goals and performance

  • View and manage your pipeline from any device and improve deal velocity.
  • Track individual and team sales targets, as well as sales budgets using customizable dashboards.
  • Get an insight into how your team spends their working hours, what type of activities take the most of their time, and which tasks could be optimized.
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    Farewell, spreadsheets

  • Manage your sales and finances in multiple currencies and get a comprehensive overview of your entire business.
  • Keep track of your purchases, orders and costs, and compare budget scenarios to actual revenue, costs or profit.
  • Manage access to sensitive information using customizable roles and permissions.
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    Cover any billing scenario

  • Automate billing, eliminate routine tasks and make accurate forecasts with scheduled, prepayment and recurring invoices, as well as late invoice reminders.
  • Use partial invoicing to easily charge your customer for services rendered and bill for the rest upon project completion.
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    One clear financial view

  • All of your sales and finance documents feed directly into detailed reports, budgets and integrated accounting software, in your preferred base currency.
  • Compare budgeted forecasts of your entire company, division or office using actuals and scheduled invoices.
  • Manage customers, projects and finances of different companies centrally within one Scoro site using additional company accounts.
  • Easily track profitability of ongoing projects using the WIP report.
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    A complete overview of real-time results

  • Enterprise-level reports covering every aspect of your business are automatically compiled and fully customizable.
  • Set up custom shareable dashboards for every team in your company for a comprehensive summary of everyone’s goals, targets, and KPIs.
  • Modify any relevant metrics and widgets when change occurs – effortlessly and according to your business needs.
  • You’re never limited to just one dashboard – add as many as you need to get a thorough overview of every aspect of your business.
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    Structured data at your fingertips

  • Build, bookmark, and share reports and views across Scoro that dynamically display relevant data based on user permissions.
  • Ensure good quality data hygiene by setting up mandatory and unique fields.
  • Access key business information and insights on the go with Scoro’s mobile app.
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    Optimize your team’s utilization

  • Get detailed insight into any aspect of your team’s capacity and utilization with automatically compiled reports.
  • Track projects and tasks with approaching deadlines. Set up automated rules and alerts to notify you ahead of time.