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Our Broad Spectrum Of Services


Click-CRM GoldMine Services

Click CRM is the bridge that connects you to the GoldmIne CRM Software. GoldMine has been developed with a unique person and organization in mind. Provides extensive contact management, sales automation, marketing automation, scheduling and project management functions.


Click-CRM GoldMine Support

We are the first tier in support for GoldMine CRM. We provide telephonic, remote and onsite support to address any Client issues professionally and efficiently assuring our Clients of mission critical turnaround service. With a vast array of support contracts, our prices can be tailored to exectly what you need


Click-CRM GoldMine Training

To give a better understanding of the GoldMine CRM software, Click CRM offers a training course to new and existing GoldMine users to give a great overview of the Software. There are two training courses available, i) a 1-day training course for the normal users of GoldMine and ii) a 3-day course for the super users of GoldMine.


Click-CRM QuoteWerks Services

QuoteWerks is a specialized software that can work together with GoldMine to create sales quotes and proposals. The relationship with GoldMine and many other exsiting softwares, eliminates the need to re-type customer information, streamlining the processs of creating sales qoutes and proposals.


Click-CRM Quote Werks Support

We also prove support for QuoteWerks, making sure our Clients have a smooth running program and all their questions and queries are answered professionally and efficiently


ClickCRM's Contracts

We offer a range of contracts that ensures you have access to professional support and maintenance to your GoldMine system.Our aim is to keep your system running at optimum performance by signing contracts for Support, SLA and Annual Maintenance.