Dynamics 365 Portals

Microsoft Power Pages is a secure, enterprise-grade, low-code software as a service (SaaS) platform for creating, hosting, and administering modern external-facing business websites. Whether you're a low-code maker or a professional developer, Power Pages empowers you to rapidly design, configure, and publish websites that work across web browsers and devices.

Power Pages provides rich, customizable templates, a fluid visual experience through the design studio, and an integrated learning hub to quickly build sites for your unique business needs.

Power Pages is the newest member of the Microsoft Power Platform family. With Power Pages, you can build sites by using the same shared business data stored in Microsoft Dataverse that you use for building apps, workflows, intelligent virtual agents, reports, and analytics with other Microsoft Power Platform components in your organization.

Design engaging websites

Get the ease of drag-and-drop design with no-code components including images, videos, lists, and forms.


Style your website & Build for all devices

Bring your pages to life using customizable themes from the styling workspace and align them with your brand. Build your page once on a standard framework that automatically renders across all platforms—desktop or mobile.


Share business data

Manage your business data by storing it in Microsoft Dataverse and creating tables using the data workspace.


Get up and running quickly & Tailor to your industry

Start with a default template to quickly create websites for FAQ scheduling, registration, and application submission.Use industry-specific templates such as building permits, after-school registrations, and meeting scheduling.


Solve common use cases

Easily customize look and feel, model data, and extend functionality to solve common cross-industry use cases.


Extend Dynamics 365 apps

Provider enhanced experiences by extending Dynamics 365 applications to customers, partners, suppliers, and vendors.


Power site building with AI

Create beautiful layouts, smart sitemaps, and compelling AI-generated copy with Copilot.


Boost workflows with AI

Elevate efficiency with advanced forms, code customizations, and AI chatbot integrations.


Master building with Copilot

Get step-by-step guidance, vast training resources, and expert tutorials, all with Q&A capabilities in Copilot.


Develop with pro tools

Add deeper functionality and capabilities to websites using tools such as Visual Studio Code, GitHub, and Azure DevOps.


Edit pade code & Use Power Platform CLI

View and change your page’s underlying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using the built-in integration with Enable advanced capabilities by using Visual Studio Code, JavaScript, Liquid templates, and web APIs.


Streamline Deployments

Create deployment profiles and automate application lifecycle management with GitHub and Azure DevOps.


Strengthen security

Mitigate security concerns through advanced encryption, rich role-based access controls, and support for web application firewalls.


Authenticate with ease

Enable users with a Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google account to authenticate on your site.


Help keep data safe & Maintain governance

Adhere to high levels of privacy, standards conformity, regulatory compliance, and global accessibility. Help ensure admin and operational ownership with the Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence starter kit.

Free trial
per user/month
  • Try Power Pages, including premium features, free for 30 days.

Power Pages authenticated users
R 3 556,00 100 users/site/month
  • Give users access to low-code business websites with authenticated access, built-in content delivery network support, and Dataverse storage.
Power Pages anonymous users
R 1 333,50
500 users/site/month
  • Allow users to browse low-code business websites anonymously, with built-in content delivery network support and Dataverse storage.